TU Delft Personal Robots Team

The Delft Robotics team works on creating affordable personal robots that can be employed in any domestic or care environment. The robots Lea and Robby, created by the team, are capable of performing a wide array of tasks, combining state-of-the-art speech recognition, object recognition, person tracking and autonomous navigation.

With the robot Lea, the Delft Robotics team will participate in the RoboCup@Home competition in Brazil 2014. To follow the latest news from the competition, please click here.

The Delft Robotics RoboCup@Home team, as shown above, consists of a group of Bachelor, Master and PhD students, advised by two professors and two post doctoral researchers from the Delft Robotics Institute at the Delft University of Technology. The team was founded in September 2011 at Delft Biorobotics Laboratory (DBL). The lab has a long experience with the Robocup competition in the Clockwork Orange Middle size league team, Dutch AIBO team and Dutch Robotics Humanoid robots team, and from this year we decided to join Robocup@Home competition.

At present we are looking for companies to cooperate with us and support our team in our quest for success at the RoboCup@Home 2014 competition in Brazil.